Day 2 – Journey to Namu

Wow! We made it. It was quite a long day yesterday but I am here on Denny Island with my crew. We had a bit of a sleep in this morning but once finally up the crew enjoyed a fabulous breakfast. MJ is not only a spectacular swim manager, but also an amazing chef. After…

Finding Susan during the swim

Journey to Namu is currently schedulde to begin Tuesday, June 21 at approximately 10:00 AM. You can SPOT track me during the swim here. If you would like to follow me on Facebook you can do so here.

Journey to Namu – Day 1

Some stories are best told with pictures. Here’s what happened on our first day of the journey – from Victoria to Drifter’s Cove on Denny Island. 6:00 AM departure from Victoria, British Columbia with Ray, my partner and main kayaker. 7:00 AM picked up Matt, one of my pilots, in Lake Cowichan 8:30 picked up…

But the water is so cold!

When I swim Great Bear this year I will be following traditional marathon swim rules. This means I can wear no more than a swimsuit, cap and googles; in other words – no wetsuit. The water is currently somewhere between ten and 14 Celsius and the air temperature will likely be similar. The possibility of…

Planning for Namu

Day one of my swim will take me through the beautiful waters of Lama Passage in the traditional territory of the Heiltsuk Nation. There’s a public boat ramp in (Bella Bella), home to the Heiltsuk, and where Jill, Dale and I landed last year – I hope to start from there. We leave Victoria, British…


In my search to learn more about Namu I came across a short video about an Orca known as Namu. Please take a few moments to learn about Namu.      


In 1969 an archaeology team from Simon Fraser University dug up bones and artifacts that were 1,000 to 6,000 years old in Namu. They uncovered burial bones, artifacts and artwork that indicate human habitation in Namu as early as 11,500 years ago. Found in the traditional territory of the Heiltsuk First Nation, the remains were…

Learning about #Namu

I know very little about Namu. My friend Colette Henneghan mentioned Namu soon after we starting planning the Great Bear Swim last year. She pointed me to a video she had worked on for Pacific Wild with April Bencze. Like Ocean Falls, the place where we started last year’s swim, Namu is an “abandoned ghost town”….

For Amber

The journey from Bella Bella to Namu will take two full 8 to 10 hour days of swimming in 11 to 14 C degree water. My head will be down and I will hear little more than the sound of my breathing and my arms moving through the water. It is a place of peace…

Preparing for Namu

As I learn I share. Here’s a short video about Namu by Pacific Wild. Namu from Pacific Wild on Vimeo.