Our Sponsors

We are eternally grateful to those who have supported the Great Bear Swim over the past two years with random acts of kindness. These journeys are not possible without your support.

Please take a moment to visit their Facebook page or website. These are truly kind hearted people!

heiltsuk_logoHeiltsuk First Nation and the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department (2016 + 2017)

We wish to acknowledge the Heilstuk First Nation who’s traditional territory we will be swimming through. We would also like to thank the Chief and Council, the Band Office and the Integrated Resource Management department for providing us with knowledge of their territory.

Drifter’s Cove (2016 + 2017)

DSC_0600To our incredible new friend Kevin, aka MacGyver; thank you for your unbounded generosity. The cabins at Drifter’s Cove are both works of art and we love the hand built a Cedar Sauna. It was great to be able to get in the cools water of the Inside Passage right in front of your door step.

You have created a remarkable and unique place where one can truly experience peace.

Helly_Hansen_logoHelly Hansen (2017)

Thank you to Helly Hansen for your incredible kind donations. You have been instrumental in creating our much needed hypothermia kit. Your gear is fantastic and perfect for the environment we will be in!

Pacific Wild (2016 + 2017)

LOGOPacific Wild has been an generous expedition sponsor. They have provided us with an incredible amount of guidance based on their knowledge and expertise of the area. They have also granted us the use of a number of Ian Mcallister’s photographs for our website and video footage for use on a mini-documentary on the swim.

Colette Heneghan, one of their core team members, has been instrumental in providing us with information on the area as well as establish contact with key community members, including the Heiltsuk Nation.

If you have a few moments please have a look at the Seal Garden broadcast via Great Bear Live – a Pacific Wild project.

Serious Coffee – Blanchard, Victoria (2016 + 2017)

Cm2n35AUMAAThPFserious_horHuge thank you to my favourite baristas at Serious Coffee on Blanchard in Victoria. They have kindly donated a weeks worth of coffee for our support crew. Added to that Susan received a brand new travel coffee mug which she can use during he swim should she need a warm liquid along the way.

Love you guys!


seaproof (2016)

Seaproof.tv was born out of a passion for our oceans, and for sharing stories. We’re a company that focuses on underwater video, and showing the world the adventures that our oceans hold.

trisha-russWe are the dedicated duo of Trisha Stovel, an underwater videographer, experienced diver, and nature lover. And Russell Clark, Art Director, scuba diver, and filmmaker. Together we capture stories, above and below the waves.

When we first heard about the Great Bear Swim it immediately demanded our attention. How could it not? Adventure and excitement – filmmakers crave these things. The opportunity to tell an evolving story as unique as this, is not something we could pass up.

We’re not sure how things will unfold, we’re not sure on the final story that will be told, and we’re not sure what will happen along the way, and that’s exactly why we’re on board. We’ll be there to capture the journey, the stories of those involved, the lives of those we meet, and the adventure that unfolds. We can’t wait to share with everyone the Great Bear Swim.


heartsafe (2016)

Super big thanks to Brian and Carolyn at HeartSafe for replenishing our First Aid kit for the swim. Our safety comes first and your heartfelt contribution goes a long way!

Lakeview Park & Heather Campsites (2016)

Thank you to Lakeview Park Campsite and Heather Campsite for their continued support with our swims. They have kindly donated camping space to us at this summer as we train in our favourite lake. Welook forward to our Swim for Peace in August of this year.