The Route

Great Bear Swim 2017

On or around June 19, 2017, Susan Simmons will enter the water from the shores of Bella Bella on Campbell Island in British Columbia’s Inside Passage. Following the BC Ferries’s route she will swim south through Lama Pass and then turn east swimming between Hunter and Denny Islands. She will then exit the water for the day.

The following day she will enter the water from where she exited the day prior and continue her journey down Fisher Channel and into Fitz Hugh Sound and continue until she reaches Namu where she will again exit the water.

Great Bear Swim 2016

map2On or around July 13th, 2016 three swimmers will jump into the water from the historic site of the Ocean Falls Aquatic Centre, Ocean Falls, British Columbia and swim down Cousins Inlet to Fisher Channel.

Once they reach Stokes Island, at the half way mark, the swimmers will exit the water. and spend the remainder of the day and the night on this small island at the halfway pointA grizzly bear and her cub have been spotted about 1 mile from where the swimmers will be exiting the water.  Because of the danger and a desire to not disturb the local wildlife the swimmers will spend the night at Drifter’s Cove on Denny Island. They will return to the half way mark the next morning to start stage 2 of the swim.

On July 13th, weather permitting, the swimmers will enter the waters of Fisher Channel and head toward Gunboat Passage. They will swim through the passage passing Shearwater and heading across Lama Passage to Bella Bella.

Once they reach the shores of Bella Bella they will exit the water.