Great Bear Treats!

I received a package in the mail today from a man named Sandy Gilchrist. He had heard about the Great Bear Swim and our desire to revive the stories of the Ocean Falls swimmers. He offered to help.

Inside the package was a book – The History of Ocean Falls Amateur Swim Club (1926 t0 1974) by John (Jack) Kelso. I opened it to a random page and the chart below is what I saw.


Incredible!  Close to half of Canada’s swim power coming out of this tiny remote community of 3,000 between 1948 and 1974.


There’s something very special about Ocean Falls and I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks I discover more. I hope to review the stories of each of the swimmers. I hope be able to contact them. And I hope share their stories through this blog.

Posted by Susan

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  1. Diane says:

    Treasures…..looking forward to the stories

  2. Jo-Ann Elo says:

    Did Jack Kelso go on to Masters swimming later in his career?!

    1. swimgreatbear says:

      Yes he did! Have a look at the Canadian Masters records in the 75 to 79 category and you will see his name!

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