Follow Us During the Swim!

gen3_productIf you would like to follow us along the way you can! We will have SPOT throughout the swim. Go here if you would like to see where we are.

17168 EVR-150-1For audio updates tune into VHF channel 12 on your marine radio.


If you prefer social media you can receive updates via Twitter or Facebook.




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  1. Steve Edgeworth says:

    Great Bear Swim BBQ Fundraiser was big success at the
    Fishermen’s Bar & Grill on Denny Island. We all enjoyed the
    swim by and all the boats sounding their horns. Looking forward
    to hooking up with Susan and the gang sometime soon.

    1. swimgreatbear says:

      Super fabulous Steve. Thanks so much for all of your support! You and your crew are fantastic. I am very sorry we were not able to come by. I was quite hypothermic by the end of the swim and needed to be treated to warmth.

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