Great Bear II – thinking about Namu

Super fabulous Great Bear reunion this week. There is talk of Great Bear II – hoping to swim from Bella Bella just past Namu.


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  1. Cheryle Fredriksen says:

    Thank you for posting on the Namu site. One of my memories as a kid in Namu was running the pipe line. They would take you around the whole town. We lived by the school and the pipe line ran through the bush in this part of town. When we were playing in the bush and got thirsty we headed to the pipe line collecting the right amount of nails and the hammer from our stash along the way. A drink required a hole or two depending on the number of kids. If it was a hot August day you had to drive in enough to shower off. Myself and my accomplise Danny were caught by his dad when he heard the hammering. Our hammer was confiscated. Not long before we found another.

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