Day 2 – Journey to Namu


Wow! We made it. It was quite a long day yesterday but I am here on Denny Island with my crew. We had a bit of a sleep in this morning but once finally up the crew enjoyed a fabulous breakfast. MJ is not only a spectacular swim manager, but also an amazing chef.


After a fantastic breakfast we packed up and headed out on the water to check out the water way. I am so happy Colette is with us this year on the journey. Her positive spirit will make the swim easier.


The water between Bella Bella, home to the Heiltsuk, and Shearwater, a fishing resort on Denny Island, is fairly flat today. It looks inviting.


A quick temperature check! 14 celcius. Perfect for a skin swim!


One of my greatest joys on these swims is the people who help get me where I am going. The swims can be hard on the crew; they put in long hours and they have to keep watchful eyes on me the entire time. Time spent just having fun before and after the swim is a priority.



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  1. Diane says:

    Wishing you all a safe journey….♡

  2. Daven Wilson says:

    safe journey

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