Looking the contribute to the swim?

The best way to help is to help those who live in the community where I will swim. You can donate to the Qqs Projects Society here.

Please help us raise funds for the Qqs Projects Society; a non-profit organization offering, amongst other programs, camp’s to youth. The Koeye Camp is a Heiltsuk youth science and cultural camp offered every summer in the Koeye River Valley. The camp aims to “to open the eyes of our children to their responsibility as stewards of our land, culture, and resources.”

Participation in the camps is offered completely free of charge. Campers range in age from 8 to 15 and are predominately Heiltsuk from Bella Bella however youth from neighbouring communities are welcome. Spaces for Heiltsuk children placed in foster care outside of Bella Bella are reserved.

For many of these kids, Koeye Camp is their first exposure to their culture and their ancestral land and waters.

You can learn more here.

And you can donate here.