Swim Rules

Below are the rules for the swim. They are consistent with an unassisted marathon swim.

1. The swimmer will enter the water from dry land under her own power.

2. The swimmer will wear a swim suit, a silicone or latex swim cap and goggles; nothing more. The swim suit will not offer thermal protection or buoyancy and shall be sleeveless and legless: ‘sleeveless’ shall mean the swim suit will not extend beyond the end of the shoulder onto the upper arm; ‘legless’ shall mean the swim suit will not extend onto the upper leg below the level of the crotch.

3. The swimmer may attach safety lights to the back of her head in the event of fog and during darkness .

4. The swimmer will be escorted by support kayakers, canoeists and a motorized boats throughout the swim. The swimmer will not draft off any support vessel (behind or on bow wake).

5. The swimmer will not intentionally touch the boat, a person or any device that may assist us with floating or moving forward. She will touch the bottom of the sea at the start and finish only.

6. The support team will hand the swimmer’s requested food items in a manner that does not aid in resting or forward progress.

7. No person may purposely touch the swimmers for the entire swim.

8. There will be an observers who understand the rules of the swim. They will maintain a swim log throughout the swim. This will include GPS data points.

9. The observer log will be available soon after the swim is complete.

10. Support swimmers may jump in the water at various times; they will not swim within a meter of the swimmers in order to prevent drafting.

11. At the end of the swim the swimmers will exit the water under her own power and shall pass the water line.

13. The official time of the swim shall stop upon fully clearing the water.


Both Orcas and Humpbacks frequent the waters of the chosen route. Should they be sighted during the swim the swimmer may be removed from the water temporarily re-entering the water from the same spot once the whales have passed. WILD LIFE WILL NOT BE DISTURBED OR HARMED. The swim will still qualify as unassisted provided the swimmer re-enters the water where they exited.