About the Great Bear Swim

Great Bear Swim 2018

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to understand our world is to immerse ourselves in it. And what better way to do that than an open water swim through a waterway that connects two communities.

This year, mid June, Susan will continue the journey that was started two years ago in Ocean Falls in the Great Bear Rainforest and swim from through Lama Pass to Namu. Along the way she will share stories about the unique environment that connects the two communities.

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Great Bear Swim 2017

The Great Bear Swim 2017 was definitely a challenging one. In an attempt to swim from Bella Bella to Namu, on day one of the swim, Susan encountered 30km/hr winds and was bucking 3-4 foot waves as she attempted to make her way up Lama Pass.  Four hours and about 10km after starting she and her crew decided to pull out and continue the journey the next day. The water was much calmer on day 2 however that does not mean there were not incredible challenges.  About 3 hours into the swim a humpback, who was also enjoying the water-way on that day, swam directly under Susan.

Next year, mid June, Susan will continue the journey that she started in Bella Bella in the Great Bear Rainforest and continue her swim  to Namu.

Great Bear Swim 2016

Mid July 2016, Susan Simmons swam a 50 kilometre staged open water swim in the Great Bear Sea. She was accompanied by two friends, Dale Robinson and Jill Yoneda, for various parts of the swim. Through their journey they shared stories about the rich history of the two communities they swam between and the unique environment that connects them.


The swim expedition began on the shores of Ocean Falls, British Columbia and end on the shores of Bella Bella.

Here’s the video: